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1Can i share the drinks package?
No you cannot - If your caught you could lose your drink package and be banned from having it again
2Is there a limit to how many drinks i can have?
There is no limit to the number of drink you can, however there is value limit of $14 USD
3Whats ncluded?
Just about everything, other than top-shelf wines and spirits. All cocktails are included, including soft drinks, beers, and most wines, along with most spirits. There hasn't been a drink we've had where we've had to pay. You'll also get a souvenir cup, which can be used in the soda machines around the ship.
4What if my drink is over $14
If your drink is over $14 USD than you'll only have to pay the difference
5Does the drinks packagfe work on Cococay and Coco Beach Club?
Yes your drinks package will work on CocoCay and Coco Beach club, just like it would on the ship.
6Can i buy it for just a day?
The Drinks Package can be purchased on board for the first 2 days; however, it will be for the length of the cruise. You cannot get it on selective days.
7Are gratuities included with the drink package?
Yes, the %18 gratuity is included with your package; this means you can get drinks without any extra fees. It's like an all-inclusive package.
8How many drinks can i have at a time?
You can only order one drink at a time, excluding water.
9What time do bars close?
Depending on the bar, they'll all have different closing times. A lot of bars will close at 10PM with inside bars being open till 12AM and music hall being 3AM. This will vary from ship to ship and may change per cruise.
10Whens the best time to buy the drinks package
Often, Royal will have sales on their packages; notable times are Black Friday, and they also have "Pre-cruise". Good sales are 30–35%, and great sales are %40 off.
11Deluxe Drink Package Does everyone in the cabin have to get it?
Yes but no - let me explain, by royal's rules, you do. However your able to call Royal and ask if you can buy the refreshment package instead of the deluxe.
12How old do you have to be to drink?
Depending where your sailing from - From Australia its above 18 Years and from the USA its above 21 Years old.

How Much Do Drinks Cost On Royal Caribbean

Updated 9/12/2023 

Soft drinks – $5.40 – $6.20 AUD – ($3.5-$4 USD)

Beers – $11.59 -$14.70 AUD – ($7.49-$9.50 USD)

Cocktails – $21.67 AUD - $27.00 AUD ($14 USD)

Spirits – $15.46 – $20.10 AUD – ($9.99 – $12.99 USD)

Wines – $12.38 – 21.67 AUD (Bottles of wine 44.88 – 86.66 AUD) ($8 – $16 USD) or ($29 – $61 USD Per bottle)

Juice – $5.42 AUD ($3.50 USD)


  1. Unlimited Beverages: The most apparent advantage of the Deluxe Drink Package is the freedom it offers. You can indulge in a wide range of drinks throughout your cruise without worrying about the bill piling up.
  2. Variety and Exploration: With this package, you can be adventurous with your drink choices. Try a new cocktail, savor a local beer, or sample a unique wine without hesitation. It’s an excellent way to explore different flavors and expand your palate.
  3. Opportunity to Try Different Drinks: The Deluxe Drink Package presents an exciting opportunity to venture into uncharted drink territory. You can experiment with various concoctions, especially at the intriguing Bionic Bar, where robotic bartenders create custom drinks that’ll leave you amazed. See our ovation of the seas post on the bionic bar Here
  4. No Surprises: One of the best feelings on vacation is the absence of financial surprises. With the Deluxe Drink Package, you’ve pre-paid for your beverages, so there’s no need to monitor your spending or fret about unexpected expenses.
  5. Stress-Free Holiday: Imagine a stress-free holiday where you don’t have to worry about managing your onboard budget. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, dancing at a party, or enjoying a meal, your drinks are already taken care of.
  6. Socializing: If you enjoy socializing and making new friends while cruising


  1. Daily Cost: The daily cost of the Deluxe Drink Package can add up, especially if you don’t plan to have multiple drinks every day. For some, this cost might not be justifiable.
  2. Limited Non-Drinkers: If you’re a non-drinker or prefer only occasional drinks, the package might not be cost-effective for you. Paying for unlimited drinks when you won’t consume them might not make financial sense.
  3. Port Days: On days when you’re exploring ports of call and not spending much time on the ship, the value of the package may decrease because you won’t be taking full advantage of it. (Unless on Royal island Cococay) 
  4. Specialty Beverages Not Included: While the package covers a wide range of drinks, some high-end or specialty beverages may come at an additional cost. Be sure to check the fine print for exclusions.
  5. Sharing Restrictions: Sharing drinks with others is generally discouraged, and Royal Caribbean may enforce policies against it. If you’re thinking of sharing, be aware of the potential risks.

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How Much Is The Drink Package On Royal Caribbean

It all depends on when you buy it - prices will vary ship to ship and even itinerary to itinerary with this in mind its near its hard to give a definitive answer too how much is drink package on Royal Caribbean. However, from my personal experience you can typically nab it at 35% for $106 AUD or $69 USD. You might also want to see our post on "How to cheat Royal Caribbean Drink Package" - I'll take you though personal experiences and advice from staff on how to do this, and not get in trouble! - see it Here - How To Cheat Royal Caribbean Drink Package

How do i reserve it? 

Once you’ve booked your cruise, you can manage your reservations by logging into your account on the cruise line’s website. Look for the “Plan My Cruise” or a similar section within your account. Under “Beverages,” you’ll find the option to select the Deluxe Drink Package. Here, you’ll be able to view the package’s price and any available discounts.

It’s important to note that sales and promotions for the Deluxe Drink Package can come and go without notice, and they might also be tied to specific events or dates. As a general guideline, you can often find the package priced at around 106 AUD or 68 USD during promotional periods. – Book Here

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We advise everyone to check Royal Caribbean Offical website here for up to date and offical infomation. You can see their Offical FAQ Here 

Want To Cheat The Drinks Package?

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