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About Me

Who am i, I'm just a regular guy with a passion for cruising.  Driven by my love for travel and exploration. Our shared dream has always been to navigate the world's vast oceans, discovering hidden gems and sailing to uncharted territories. It's this unquenchable wanderlust that brought us together.

But wait, you might be wondering, why a travel blog?

I come from a diverse background and have a wealth of experience in the world of full-stack development, photography/media. While coding, programming, and Media may have been my bread and butter for years, my heart has always belonged to the open seas and far-off lands. The idea of ExploreUncharted was born out of the desire to combine our technical skills with our love for travel. Simply to help people to save money and make the most of their trip or holiday. 

We're not just here to write about our adventures – we're here to inspire yours. Our website is our way of sharing our experiences, tips, and discoveries with you, our fellow explorers. We want to ignite that spark within you, the one that urges you to embark on your own adventures, whether it's cruising through exotic destinations, hiking rugged trails, or simply soaking in the beauty of a new culture.

This website isn't just a hobby; it's my life's mission. I'm working tirelessly to bring you the best travel insights, destination guides, and travel tech advice, Infomation on packages, the do's and the don't along with a bit of news. I'm dedicating myself to making ExploreUncharted your go-to source for all things travel-related.

Every post you read, every recommendation you follow, and every story you share with us brings us closer to realizing my lifelong dream. I'm not just chasing it; I'm living it. And I'm incredibly grateful that you're joining me on this incredible journey.


New Zealand

Ovation Of The Seas - Milford Sound

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Quantum Of The Seas - South Pacific

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