Hi I'm Thomas Brown

My name is Thomas Brown

I'm a passionate cruiser and have been cruising for most of my life! You'll find me mostly sailing with Royal Caribbean. I sail as much as i can during the Austrailan cruise season on Ovation Of The Seas. I have a background in IT and photography. It has been my life long dream to run a media company and be able to sail the high seas! - that and be a pilot! (Im still working on that one)

I've been on Ovation and Qauntum on just about all the itineraries Royal Caribbean has to offer!

Thank you

I truly do thank every one of you viewers for helping me - help you and so many others. I truly love helping everyone make the most of their holidays or cruise! Without your dedicated support, I wouldn't be able to do it.

Just to put things into context, I pay out of pocket for everything. If I need photos of Quantum Of The Seas - I have to book a cruise! I'm sure you can understand how expensive this can get - VERY, but it's something I'll always happily do and I love it.

The support everyone has shown and given is really heartwarming. I hope for the years to come we're able to provide more insight and help to make you all have the best experience in whatever your travels are! Whether that is on Royal Caribbean, Driving in a van, or on any other cruise line.