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Updated: 11/10/2023 2:28PM AEST

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How it works

Before we get into this, we consider anything above 25% an “okay” deal – anything 30-35% is what we classify as a “good” deal, and anything 35% towards 40% is a great deal. This will come into play with our scoring system later! This is based on our personal opinions and from cruisers alike.

Types Of Sales

Important to note: We’ll strive to keep this up to date with current sales and deals. Prices may vary and differ from ship to ship. Pricing will be in USD and AUD – while we strive to give accurate information this can only be an indication

Black Friday (24 Nov)Average 35-40 % Off Packages
Pre Cruising Average 25-30 % Off Packages
Senior Sale35% off Deluxe Drink Package
CurrentFull Price
Bogo30-45% (unverified)
Last updated 11/10/2023

Previous Deals & Prices

PackageSale TypePercentagePriceYear
Deluxe Beverage PackageBlack Friday35-45 % $60 USD – $96 AUD2022
Deluxe Beverage PackagePre-Cruise 25-30 % $77 USD – $123 AUD2023
The KeyBlack Friday35%$14 USD – 23 AUD2022

Deal Breakdown

Not many know Royal offers discounts on select people such as seniors, military personnel, airline workers, and many more. Taking advantage of these will save you a heap of money! We’ve done an article on approved discounts for people Here

During the 2022 Black Friday sale, The Key was cheaper than the Voom internet package as seen here

The price reflects two people over an 11 Night Cruise equaling $260 AUD meaning $23 AUD – $14 USD a night – This is a great deal


Royal Caribbean also offers some very great discounts for select jobs and people – we’ll go over them quickly here in brief – however for an in-depth understanding and limitation read Here

Senior – Aged 55 or over

Police – Fire Fighter (US or Canada Only)

Military – See Here for specifics

Interline (Airline) – See Here for specifics

We also advise you to check with Royal Caribbean for correct and up-to-date information which can be found Here

Although some of these have limitations, which we go over in our post Here, if you meet the requirements you and possibly your family members can save a pretty penny or two!

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    Packages Guides and reviews

    Here we’ll list all our guides and review all the Royal Packages we’ve covered

    You can view a complete list Here

    Deluxe Beverage Package

    Unlimited Dining Package

    Refreshment Package

    The Key

    VOOM Surf + Stream

    Soda Package

    Best Deals

    The best time to for deals with Royal Caribbean we find it during Black Friday – however even during most parts of the year royal will have a large number of sales for all their packages. These will range from 25-35% off select packages. What we often see in Facebook groups is people jumping on the Buy 1, get 50% off second guest – this isn’t actually as good as overall 30% off looking at the deals closely is important!

    One of our favorite secrets is as we’ve shown before The Key often times during flash sales, Black Friday and other sale times. Can be cheaper than the Voom Wifi Package! The Key includes wifi plus a lot of other benefits.

    The Key